#284, Volvo software chief talks new EV SUV, relationship with Nvidia

James Raia

It was just before the opening evening session of the recent 2024 Nvidia GTC conference at the San Jose Convention Center and it got quiet quickly.

Alwin Bakkenes, Russell Datz, the carmaker’s national media relations manager, Bruce Aldrich, the co-host of The Weekly Driver Podcast, and I all stepped in and closed our respective doors of the 2024 EX90 electric SUV perched in the corner of the expo hall.

#284, Volvo software chief talks new EV SUV, relationship with Nvidia 1
The 2024 all-electric Volvo EX90 sport utility vehicle was presented at the recent Nvidia GTC conference in San Jose, California.

Volvo and Nvidia, the multinational corporation and technology company headquartered in Santa Clara, California, have had a business partnership since 2016. And with the conference an in-person gathering for the conference for the first time in five years, Volvo was among several manufacturers’ representatives in attendance.

Despite his software engineering expertise and his explanation, Bakkenes didn’t need to apologize for his lack of speaking abilities. He’s a skilled corporate spokesperson and he was our guest on episode #284 of the podcast Aldrich and I started in August 2017.

“This particular car is the start of the new era for Volvo Cars,” said Bakkenes. “It’s born electric, it’s born software-defined and it’s very safe. What we have done is build the software architecture based on what we call our core technology which we built with Nvidia.”

What Bakennes means, and how the soon-to-be-available EX90 is different from the current Volvo lineup, is the subject of our podcast.

Please join us as our guest explains how the new vehicle’s powertrain, chassis systems, and the driver assistance features all operate on their own computers and what that means to consumers.

Article Last Updated: March 25, 2024.

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