Strike A Pose at the 2023 LA Auto Show

Michael Kahn

LA Auto Show 2023 Pose Subaru Forester Sport Katie Garrett

There are many ways to explore the new cars, reveals and concepts at the 2023 LA Auto Show, running from November 17 to 26. One way yet to be evaluated was how auto manufacturers would show off their best car pose. As the reader, you are requested to determine your favorites and leave a comment.

I visited different manufacturers’ displays and asked for their best representative to give me a car pose. Some took it seriously, some embraced the weird and knew exactly how to show off their poses and the car. Asking someone to pose with the cars resulted in a whole new experience for the show.

These photos were challenging to achieve, with people opening doors, getting in front of shots, and doing normal attendee things. Please keep that in mind when evaluating your favorites.

Here are the results:

Subaru Forester Sport

LA Auto Show 2023 Pose Subaru Forester Sport Katie Garrett

Husband and wife duo Katie and Garrett pose together for Subaru. While you might not be able to tell by their expressions, they were probably the most excited out of everyone for the chance to strike a pose.

Kia Sorento HEV

LA Auto Show 2023 Pose Kia Sorento HEV James

James from Kia ran around several cars to get this pose. The other gentleman was cleaning the other side, and it was decided it would be better if he was cleaning the side facing the camera while as we took a photo.

Honda Prelude Concept

LA Auto Show 2023 Pose Honda Prelude Concept Chris

Chris from Honda gave the most appropriate pose for the Prelude and brought back some growing-up nostalgia for me.

Genesis GV80 Coupe

LA Auto Show 2023 Pose Genesis GV80 Coupe

This is the Designer Pose, from Genesis’s very own.

Toyota Tundra TRD Pro 

Strike A Pose at the 2023 LA Auto Show 1

Traci wants to talk to you about Toyota’s automobiles, and she’s not afraid to let you know.

Chevy Silverado EV RST

LA Auto Show 2023 Pose Chevy Silverado EV RST

Chevy requested to keep the posers’ names anonymous. This pose was named the EV Plus Pose.

Lexus RC F Track Edition

Strike A Pose at the 2023 LA Auto Show 2

Darko from Lexus has an eye for detail. He also has an eye for rare and fast cars, so we went with the Lexus 2023 RC F Track Edition. Darko remarked there had been no one looking at these cars for hours, and as soon as I came by, people kept streaming over to check them out.

VW Atlas Cross Sport

LA Auto Show 2023 Pose VW Atlas Cross Sport Luke

Luke from VW kept it classy in front of the Atlas Cross Sport.

Ford Mustang GTD

LA Auto Show 2023 Pose Ford Mustang GTD Jennifer

Jennifer from Ford calls this pose the Swishing Thunder Slap, because the hand makes a swish sound when she waves it to show off the car.

Acura Type S

LA Auto Show 2023 Pose Acura Type S Antonio

Antonio from Acura makes the car look good, we ended up getting a couple of other people taking photos of him posing. I don’t think he noticed in the moment.

Nissan Hard Body Frontier

LA Auto Show 2023 Pose Nissan Hard Body Frontier Ken

Ken from Nissan knew exactly what he wanted to do — break all the rules. Cross his legs and arms, and lean against the car. All the things you’d never do at an auto show. And then he topped it off with his cheese smile.

Living Vehicle GT

LA Auto Show 2023 Pose Living Vehicle GT

Simple, minimalistic, and livable.

Verge Motorcycles

LA Auto Show 2023 Pose Verge Motorcycles Jarmo

Jarmo jumped behind this electric motorcycle with one arm behind the back pose and opted for a serious expression, a vast departure from his big grin to booth visitors.

Aitekx RoboTruck 1T

LA Auto Show 2023 Pose Aitekx RoboTruck 1T Edmund

Lifting the door with one hand of this multi-configuration electric vehicle, Robotruck 1T, Edmund told me how he just finished driving this prototype through the desert and was showing me some epic videos of him off-roading.

Pebble Flow

LA Auto Show 2023 Pose Pebble Flow Abby

Join Abby on the steps of the Pebble Flow.

The Author’s Pose

LA Auto Show 2023 Pose MK Pose Lexus 2023 RC F

After making everyone else pose for me, I thought it prudent to come up with my own car pose for the LA Auto Show, so this is what I went for, with the 2023 Lexus RC F, chosen because it was what I was near and with someone available to take my photo when I had the idea for myself.

Article Last Updated: November 20, 2023.

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