Porsche 911 S/T commemorates 60 years of 911

Mason Bloom

The Porsche 911 is among only a handful of vehicles on the product line for 60 years. Porsche commemorated the legendary sports car recently by unveiling the limited-edition 911 S/T. The S/T is best described as two cars in one. It combines fan-favorite elements from the 911 GT3 RS and 911 GT3 Touring models.

For the first time, it marries a 992-generation 911 with a manual transmission to a GT3 RS engine as well. Only 1,963 of the S/T will be manufactured, paying respect to the first production year of the original 911 just as Porsche did with the 911 50th Anniversary edition.

Designers and engineers at Porsche are able to make purists’ dreams realities by combining the practical usability and driving pleasure of the GT3 Touring with the performance capabilities of the GT3 RS.

Porsche 911 S/T
The new Porsche 911 S/T celebrates 60 years of the manufacturer’s most famous sports car. All image credits: Porsche Newsroom

“Practical” is a strong word in the world of $200,000-plus sports cars and that’s where the GT3 Touring’s unostentatious styling becomes a defining characteristic of the 911 S/T. The new S/T uses the flowing lines and wide fenders of the Touring, with only minimal styling changes. This keeps the S/T elegant even with the application of the GT3 RS’ fender cut-outs and an all-new Gurney flap on the deployable spoiler.

The S/T doesn’t compromise on driving pleasure despite the lack of track-ready aerodynamics. Porsche has incorporated shortened gear ratios to the six-speed S/T which are said to improve response time. Engineers further tweaked the transmission with a lightweight clutch and flywheel that together saved over 23 pounds. 

Inside and outside Porsche emphasizes tradition and driver comfort. The Heritage Design Package offers a vintage Shoreblue paint scheme configurable with a racing number of choices. An original Porsche crest from 1963 sits on the vehicle’s hood, center caps, and along the interior’s steering wheel and headrests. Classic Cognac leather and cloth upholstery standard Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic (CFRP) bucket seats; four-way Sport Seats Plus are a no-cost option.

Porsche 911 S/T
Certain features are limited to the Heritage Design Package, a $20,000 option, such as a racing number of choice.

Even with these road-prepped features, the S/T is a racer at heart. Its powerplant is identical to that of the new GT3 RS, amounting to 518 horsepower. The 4.0L, 9,000-RPM flat 6 is good for a 3.7-second sprint to 62 miles per hour and 186 mph top speed. A standard sport exhaust system funnels the symphonic engine noises all the way to the vehicle’s dual exhaust tips. On-road performance is heightened with the use of double-wishbone front-axle suspension with a multi-link rear axle. The S/T is the only model in the 992 generation to do so without incorporating rear-axle steering.

Still, Porsche notes the S/T’s development has been centered “not on track use, but rather for journeys on public roads.” 

Don’t let them fool you; the Porsche 911 S/T utilizes racecar-like weight reduction methods. Extensive use of CFRP, namely constructing the hood, front wing, and doors, increases rigidity and loses weight. CFRP makes its way to the anti-roll bar in the rear and roll cage (the latter isn’t available in the US due to regulations). Magnesium wheels and Porsche Ceramic Composite Brakes (PCCB) and lightweight glass are other standard options that allow for an 88-pound weight save over the manual transmission GT3 Touring. The end result is the lightest model of the 992 generation.

Porsche 911 S/T
A six-speed manual transmission is the only gearbox available in the 911 S/T.

Deliveries of the Porsche 911 S/T are expected to begin in Spring 2024. Pricing begins at $290,000 before options and dealer markups making the 911 S/T the most expensive vehicle in Porsche’s lineup.

Article Last Updated: August 7, 2023.

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