5 issues that prevent drivers from driving (and how fix ’em)

Michael James

Driving a vehicle is a huge responsibility. And while many of us see driving as second nature, there are legitimate reasons why it may not be appropriate, legal or safe to get behind the wheel.

Below you will find five of the most common of these reasons, as well as how to correct them.

Lack of Fuel Pressure

A lack of fuel pressure will quickly stop you from driving your vehicle. Indications of a problem can include the engine backfiring, smoke coming from the exhaust, and difficulty starting the vehicle.

The good news: If you’re maintaining your own vehicle, several engine checks can help the vehicle’s fuel pressure return to a normal level and get you on the road again.

The first item is to check your gas tank. Are there leaks that need patching? Did you fill your tank with the right fuel?

Checking for leaks is imperative to keep your vehicle operating properly.
Checking for leaks is imperative to keep your vehicle operating properly.

If those items aren’t issues and problems remain, inspect the vehicle’s fuel line for improper connections, leaks or cracks.

If the fuel line isn’t the problem, inspect your car’s battery and fuel pump. Lastly, if there’s still an issue, test the vehicle’s fuel level again for potential leaks and a resulting lowered fuel pressure.

License Suspension

A license suspension should always prevent you from driving any vehicle because your authority to drive legally is in question. Reasons why your license may get suspended, include DUIs, breathalyzer refusal and chemical test refusals.

You can even receive an immediate threat suspension which means either a police officer or a medical professional has deemed you are not safe to drive a car. Many people do not release it’s possible to appeal suspensions with the assistance of a qualified specialist lawyer. If a suspension appeal is successful, you will be reinstated to drive.

Alcohol Consumption

Do not drink and drive. Drinking while intoxicated is illegal. A drunk driver also poses a massive risk to other road users and themselves.

A blood alcohol level of .08 percent throughout the United States defines driving while intoxicated. There are also other alcohol level-related regulations that vary from state to state.

Driving while drinking is illegals and can lead to tragedy.
Driving while drinking is illegal and can lead to tragedy.

The best practice is not to drive after drinking. Instead, wait for a recommended time before driving. Or secure another method of getting to your destination such as ride-share options of getting a ride from a sober friend or family member.

Medical Conditions

Some medications and medical conditions prohibit driving under varying circumstances. Driving if diagnosed with epilepsy, diabetes or narcolepsy could result in a loss of driving privileges. It may be frustrating for drivers with medical conditions that can affect driving. But the issue is important because the possibility of becoming unconscious while driving is a threat to driving and other road users.

There’s a wide range of medications that when taken prohibit driving. Any medication with guidelines that state “Do not operate heavy machinery while using,” is included in the regulations. Specifically, a vast range of different medicines including antidepressants, cold or allergy remedies (some other over-the-counter), opioids, anxiety medications, tranquilizers, antipsychotic drugs and any drugs containing codeine are all suspect.

Important Medications, Health and Well-Being

Talk with a medical expert to determine if your medications can have side effects that will prevent you from driving.

Not Having Sufficient Insurance

Never drive a vehicle unless adequately insured. If an accident occurs, the financial damage to you and your vehicle, the other vehicle or vehicles, and the costs of injuries, medical bills or property damage could be your responsibility.

Driving without proper insurance can also result in a hefty fine and a suspended license. Using an insurance comparison site online can help find the most comprehensive coverage at the best price.

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Article Last Updated: May 4, 2023.

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