5 Tips For Drivers To Practice Being Safer Drivers

Michael James

Learning the best tips to become a better driver is important.

Most drivers want to drive safely. No one wants to get into an auto accident and potentially seriously injure or kill themselves or others.

However, many drivers aren’t as safe on the road as they think. And many drivers do many things little and large that can increase the odds of a disaster.

Drinking and driving are likely to result in the offender speaking with a DUI accident lawyer. Not properly maintaining a vehicle is a roadside recovery scenario waiting to happen.

Drinking alcohol is never a good idea for drivers when they're behind the wheel.
Drinking alcohol is never a good idea for drivers when they’re behind the wheel.

But there are many things you can do (or not do) that will make you a safer driver, including the following:

Adjusting Your Setup

Properly adjusting various parts of a vehicle for the most efficient driving can help drivers drive more safely. Adjusting the driver’s seat closer to the steering wheel or maneuvering the vehicle’s mirror for a better rear view will promote better handling and more efficient driving. Every time a driver enters their car they should re-adjust and re-fit equipment for an optimum degree of driving control.


Many drivers listen to music or other radio or other media option when driving. But it’s not recommended. Numerous studies have shown drivers pay less attention and have slower reflexes when doing something passive like listening to music while driving. It’s safer to focus only on the task of driving.

Staying In Shape

Professional drivers are often trim and fit and it helps while driving for a living. The public isn’t required to have that level of fitness, but being in shape does help a driver handle their vehicle better in adverse weather conditions.

The more difficult it is for a driver to maintain control of their vehicle in poor weather, the bigger the chance of an accident and potential suffering a serious injury of causing an injuries occupants of other vehicles or pedestrians.

Doing a Smart DriverTEK course

Smart DriverTEK workshops are ideal for anyone who drives a modern car. Recent new and used cars have increasing levels of technology for improved road safety — from braking sensors to automated parking technology. But it’s only useful if a driver knows how to capitalize on the advancing technology. It’s the specialty of instructors teaching Smart DriverTEK courses.

Staying Back

So many fender benders and other minor crashes are caused by cars that drive too close to each other. Leaving more room for surrounding vehicles provides time and space to react in an emergency, and it reduces the chances of an accident.

Being a safe driver is imperative to keeping drivers, their families and others on the road safe. Following recommended tips will help improve safe driving practices.

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Article Last Updated: October 24, 2022.

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