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4 Major Causes of Car Accidents (Where You’re To Blame)

Most car accidents are caused by human error and even good drivers cause accidents. If we want to be better drivers, it’s crucial we look at our own driving skills before blaming other drivers for mistakes.

Here are four major reason for car accidents:

Distracted Driving

It’s the most prevalent cause of car accidents and it’s increasingly more of a problem. Every car accident lawyer talks about how distracted driving is the biggest cause for concern. And it’s easy to see and understand because of the internal and external pressures of multi-tasking while driving — texting to eating to talking. Major distractions cause accidents.

Speaking of cars accidents: He's an image captured by tow truck driver Ray Elliott, publisher of
Speaking of cars accidents: Here’s an image captured by California tow truck driver Ray Elliott, publisher of


Drivers often get aggravated with the driver ahead of them. And many experienced drivers think the best way to give the car in front a subtle hint is to get closer to them. However, this is the quickest way to an accident at high speeds.

Combined with distracted driving, driving too close to the vehicle ahead of us doesn’t allow for adequate time to react to changing driving scenarios. When drivers keep safe distances from other cars, it prevents the need for sudden braking or other sudden movements.

Following the law can help prevent accidents.
Following the law can help prevent accidents.

One of the best solutions here is to apply the 12-second rule when we are aware of what is in front of us 12 seconds from now. Many drivers seldom see the “big picture,” just the car right in front.

Running Red Lights

Many drivers assume they can get past a red light because it’s just turned from yellow to red and because there are seemingly no other cars around. But running a red light is breaking the law. Drivers are often running late. And it doesn’t help when the driver ahead of us is going slow.

We can all be running late, especially if there’s a car in front of us going really slowly. But with lives at risk, running late shouldn’t be a priority.

Reckless Driving

Reckless driving, like aggressive driving, can lead to devastating car accidents. Recklessness while driving is akin to carelessness. When drivers change lanes too quickly with disregard for other drivers, more problems can occur. Speeding is the second most common cause of road accidents on the road. Reckless driving compounds problems.

Drunk drivers, improper turns, poor road conditions and limited visibility are causes of car accidents beyond our control. But drivers can help avoid many problems by lawfully operating motor vehicles.

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