TheWeeklyDriver.com expands free coverage, seeks support

James Raia

TheWeeklyDriver.com, the independent new car review and news website online since 2004, has expanded its content platform in several key areas.

With the addition of PRNewsWire content, readers can now visit the site to read general interest automotive business news updated daily. A separate daily content news feed features only Truck News.

The new content supplements the mainstays of the site, new car reviews and automotive news. The site features more than 700 reviews of vehicles I’ve driven beginning in 2004.

TheWeeklyDriver.com has been online since 2004. It now offers expanded automotive content and news avenues to support our content offered as new car reviews, automotive news, an electronic newsletter and a weekly podcast.
TheWeeklyDriver.com has been online since 2004. It now offers expanded automotive content and new avenues to support our content.

For more than four years, the website has also featured The Weekly Driver Podcast. Co-host Bruce Aldrich and I have broadcast wide-ranging, 30-minute episodes with guests from the automotive landscape — authors to analysts, vintage car owners to industry experts. We’ve reported from several auto shows and other industry events.

In recent months, guests have included a Sacramento woman who drove her three-wheel motorcycle across the United States to an update on Robo taxis now available in San Francisco.

Bruce and I have also featured interviews with automotive artists, auto museum curators and the organizer of the niche driving attraction of wintertime drifting on groomed snow in Lapland. We now have more than 230 episodes archived on theweeklydriver.com. Episodes dating to 2017 are also available on all major podcast outlets, Apple to Spotify, Audible to iHeart Radio.

Co-hosts Bruce Aldrich and James Raia discus the process of buying a new truck.
Co-hosts Bruce Aldrich (left) and James Raia discuss the automotive world weekly on The Weekly Driver podcast.

The podcast complements a free weekly newsletter. It highlights recent posts. Signups are available on the website.

Another new feature on TheWeeklyDriver.com out affiliation with Booking.com. Guests traveling anywhere in the United States and internationally can find the best-priced accommodations on Booking.com. We’ve partnered with the internet company to feature an easy-to-use search and reservation function on the bottom of every page of the site.

Booking your accommodations via TheWeeklyDriver.com offers the same prices as reserving accommodations and rental cars on the company’s site. We receive a small commission for every night of a reservation book through the website, so please consider supporting us to help maintain our efforts.

Visitors to TheWeeklyDriver.com can also support our continuing coverage via Patreon. The San Francisco-based platform is a tool for content creators to earn financial support for their independent businesses. A sign-up for various monthly subscription amounts is available at the bottom of every page of TheWeeklyDriver.com. We have a variety of thank you gifts for subscribers.

TheWeeklyDriver also accepts paid advertorial content as well as banner ads, text links and voice advertisements.

For additional information about any of the site’s opportunities, contact James Raia, editor and publisher, theweeklydriver.com, via email: [email protected].

Article Last Updated: July 26, 2022.

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