7 Road Trip Essentials When Traveling With a Baby

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Taking a successful road trip with children requires planning.

Road trips are excellent travel options, especially when traveling with kids. You can go at your own pace, allowing stops for bathroom breaks or for assisting a restless baby. Deciding what to pack for a road trip, however, can be daunting, especially if you are a new parent.

Here are seven road trip essentials when traveling with your young children to improve the chances of a stress-free family vacation.

First Aid Kit

Be sure to purchase a ready-made or self-assembled first aid to carry in the vehicle. Essential include gauze pads, adhesive bandages, scissors, cold packs, antiseptic pads and tweezers to prepare for emergencies.

Packing children's games and toys for a road trip can mean the difference between a successful or disastrous trip.
Packing children’s games and toys for a road trip can mean the difference between a successful or disastrous trip.

Also carry any medications your child might need as well as antibiotic ointments and your physician’s telephone number. Packing a toy in your first aid kit can also help keep the baby distracted when medical attention is necessary

A Baby Carrier

Always pack a baby carrier, especially when traveling with an infant and other children. Carriers help keep hands free to tend to older kids. A baby carrier can also come in handy in areas with hills or stairs when using a stroller is awkward. Visit Diono to purchase high-quality baby carriers for a smooth road trip.


Make sure you bring enough diapers for your road trip. It’s frustrating to reach for a diaper and realize they weren’t packed. Determine how long you will likely be on the road, then pack one diaper for each hour of the expected travel time.

Proper planning for a road trip with your child can help ensure restful trip.
Proper planning for a road trip with your child can help ensure restful trip.

To ensure incident-free diapering changes, pack wipes, butt cream, changing pads and a plastic bag for soiled clothes and dirty diapers.

Favorite Toys

Stock up your little child’s favorite toys to keep them busy throughout the trip. However, do not give them all the toys at once as the baby could get overstimulated.

Instead, hand the child one toy at a time while reserving the rest and only swap out when necessary.

Baby Food

A hungry baby can ruin a fun family road trip within minutes so ensure you stock up on enough travel-friendly foods to last the entire journey. Some travel-friendly snacks you could pack include granola bars, vegetables, fruits, string cheese, whole wheat crackers, protein bars, and hard-boiled eggs. Be sure to pack washable bibs if your child often makes a mess when eating to keep the car clean.

Extra Clothes

Pack at least two outfits for your child, including socks, shoes, booties and clothes for each day you will be on your family vacation. Keep them in an easily accessible location. Children often spill food and drool, so bring extra clothes for yourself.

Car Seat

Invest in quality car seats, restraints and boosters to ensure safety and make sure the equipment is properly installed and the straps are used properly.

Traveling with children does not have to be stressful. Pack extra outfits, baby food, toys, diapers, a baby carrier, and a first aid kit to keep your kids content and comfortable for smooth vacation driving.

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Article Last Updated: July 29, 2022.

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