22 ways to update and customize a car if you want to

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The 2021 Honda Accord Hybrid improves an already iconic sedan.


One great thing about owning a vehicle is you can customize it.  If you decide to do so, lots of choices are available for many parts of the vehicle.

Here’s a list of areas to consider:


Choosing high-performance tires can improve the car’s grip on the roar and reduce fuel costs.

Big Brake Kits

Car owners who opt for bigger or modified wheels are increasingly installing bigger brake kits. Often, bigger brake kits are more attractive. More important, larger options improving stopping efficiency, withstand higher road temperatures and keep brakes cool longer.

The 2019 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 is among the top-10 Cars and Trucks of 2019 and is always a great choice if you want to customize a car.
The 2019 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 is among the top-10 Cars and Trucks of 2019 and is always a great choice if you want to customize a car.


Aftermarket wheels are a great way to customize your car. if combined with a new, larger brake it and higher-end performance and tires, and your vehicle will have a unique appearance.

Customize A Car

A reminder: Cheaper wheels are heavier and can be detrimental to the car and your safety. It’s wise to spend more money on a lighter set of higher-quality wheels.

Cold Air Intake

If an appealing engine growl and a cool engine is preferred, a cold air intake valve is recommended. A cool air intake valve helps prevent an engine from overheating. Installing an air intake valve also adds a cool factor to the exterior look.

Body Kits

Like them or loathe them, body kits are here to stay. It depends on how you feel about the outside of your vehicle. These modified body parts can completely change the look of your car. Other car enthusiasts believe it’s just an embellishment for you people who drive too fast.

The Ford Mustang is the most searched vintage car. It's also an ideal choice if you want to customize a car.
The Ford Mustang is the most searched vintage car. It’s also an ideal choice if you want to customize a car.

Carbon Body Parts

If you want to make your body work stronger and reduce your car’s weight, customize a car with carbon body parts. They can be shaped and sprayed as preferred and provide a customizable alternative. Carbon fiber parts can even be extended to pedals.

Silicone Hoses

We all know that rubber hoses do not last well in the engine of a high-performance vehicle. But Why choose silicone instead of rubber hoses? The simple answer: rubber hoses do not last well in high-performance engines, but rubber hoses can last for years.

Rubber hoses are highly flexible which makes them durable and less likely to split. Rubber hoses also come in a variety of colors that can make for a more colorful engine.


What do you know about suspension systems? There are so many factors to consider when changing coil overs. So they might be better left to the professionals. Otherwise, you could end up with absorbers that are too soft or too hard for a particular vehicle’s needs.

Air Suspension

There are some benefits of having air suspension and some drawbacks as well. Air suspension is great in the summer, but in the colder months, extra maintenance is required to ensure the system runs properly.

Turbo Kits

Ready-made kits are available for people who want to drive like Vin Diesel and his friends in the movie Fast and Furious. These kits take the guesswork out trying to boost the performance of an average streetcar.

Performance Clutch

As more modifications are made to the engine, other parts are not likely to last as when set to factory specifications. Adding a performance clutch will be necessary at some point, preferably before the standard clutch burns out. A performance clutch can make driving in traffic more difficult, but it gets easier with experience.

Auxiliary Gauges

Adding extra gauges can help monitor everything from coolant levels to the oil pressure. There is no such thing as a one size fits all gauge, so adapt as upgrades become available.

Performance exhaust

This is another item that gets a ‘boy racer’ reputation. It’s associated with the growl of a 1 liter of Cilo with a set of R plates. This might be the first place that young drivers choose to upgrade (and some don’t move past it)


Easy to install, Supercars add a lot of horsepower. But they’re not designed for driving at low speeds and can make the engine slower at lower speeds. Consider if the benefits outweigh the negatives if the car is used as a daily driver on city streets,


Reminiscent of old hot rod movies, Headers are old-fashioned. But they can be beneficial to give the front of the engine an extra boost.


A heavy-duty aluminum option can handle the pressure of a high-performance engine better than a standard radiator. It’s for avoiding breaks or leaks and helps keep the engine from overheating.

Engine Change

Replacement parts for older engines are often difficult or impossible to find. Swapping the engine out entirely could save time, money and mechanical problems.


There are many options for car lights. However, different places have different laws if it’s legal to add or change the car lights. Click here to find out what the limits are in each area of the world.

Stabilizer Bars

Stabilizer bars (or sway bars) are one of the best things to change after increasing the horsepower of a car. The bars stabilize the car when rounding corners. At high speeds, stabilizer bars provide a measure of safety.


Car audio equipment is varied. For the best possible sound, a custom kit will correspond to the size of the car.

In Dash Car Audio

Upgrading speakers could mean upgrading the radio that comes in the factory model. Even an inexpensive option can come with Bluetooth which allows for personalized choices of music.

Racing Seats

If you want to travel at high speeds and not slide out of your seat, invest in racing seats. These can cocoon your body, prevent being ejected and sustaining an injury.

Article Last Updated: July 15, 2021.

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