Self-driving cars are among us but drivers beware

Michael James

Tesla was at the forefront of self-driving cars.


Self-Driving Cars

Self-driving cars are the biggest advancing development in the auto industry. Tesla brought the technology to the mainstream market, offering cars that can drive themselves while the driver just sits behind the wheel.

The ideas of a self-driving car and its the technology began with several manufacturers offering self-parking technology.

Tesla was at the forefront of self-driving cars.
Tesla was at the forefront of self-driving cars.

Self-driving technology is exciting, but as it advances, a few misconceptions have circulated.

Here are several things you absolutely can’t do behind the wheel of a self-driving car (and some permissible conditions):


Some people think self-driving cars are great as they allow people to take naps” while driving. The idea is that while a driver naps while driving, the car is in charge; it takes the car’s occupants to their destination.

Despite the fact the car drives itself, you still need to be awake and alert in case you have to take over. If there’s a small hitch in the software, the driver must assume driving responsibilities. It could be deadly otherwise.

Drinking Alcohol

Similarly, there have been some people wondering if autonomous cars can reduce the number of aggravated DUIs on the road.

Again, it’s the idea that if your car is driving itself you aren’t in control of it and you can consume alcohol. In other words, if you’re drunk and not driving, what’s the issue? But operators of autonomous vehicles and still classified as drivers. Driving under the influence of alcohol is illegal.

Driving Without A License

A driver is still required to have a driver’s license to operate an autonomous vehicle. Most self-driving cars are traditional vehicles with added technology. They can operate as “regular” vehicles or autonomously.

Tesla vehicles have self-driving capabilities but they’re not an exception. It’s illegal to operate a Tesla without a license. Human drivers are still being required to monitor their autonomous vehicles. There’s still the possibility of something in an autonomous system failing.

What Can A Driver Do?

Drivers of autonomous vehicles do have conveniences. Mobile phone for talking, emailing and texting is allowed. And eating is also permitted.

The idea of autonomous driving is for the vehicle operator and passenger to enjoy a more relaxed driving experience. But maintaining a keen sense of who and what’s on the road is imperative.

Article Last Updated: February 11, 2021.

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