Accidents will happen: What you should know

Michael James

Accidents wil happen but knowledge of various kinds of accidents can help while resolving the problem.

Few people will go their entire lives and never get into a car accident. Different types of accidents are caused by different sets of circumstances. Although not all accidents can be avoided, knowing where and when you’re more likely to have a crash can help you lessen your chances of being involved in one.

Head-On Collision

Fortunately, head-on collisions are the rarest form of accident. Head-ons can also be difficult to assign who is at fault. So having car accident lawyers you can turn to will really come in handy in this case. They are more likely to happen in a rural setting where there are few lights and fewer lanes. Head-on collisions often happen because one (or both) drivers are distracted, under the influence or driving conditions are poor.

Accidents will happen but knowledge of various kinds of accidents can help while resolving the problem.
Accidents will happen but knowledge of various kinds of accidents can help while resolving the problem.

“Because your vehicle and body are at risk for sustaining massive amounts of damage from a head-on collision, it’s possible you will want to consult with a lawyer to help recoup your costs from a head injury, broken bones or organ damage if involved in a wreck.”

It may be impossible to avoid this type of crash if both cars are traveling at a high rate of speed, but the best way to mitigate the damage is to turn your car to the right including going so far as to run off the road if possible.

Side-Impact Collision

Side impact or T-bone collisions are fairly common occurring in about 25 percent of car wrecks. It’s no surprise these accidents happen most frequently at intersections or in parking lots, often because the driver of one car is not obeying traffic laws. The best way to avoid this type of crash is to drive cautiously.

Make sure you always look, even when it’s your turn to go. To minimize damage to the passengers in your car (and yourself), sometimes you have enough time to brake or accelerate, changing the point of impact to the front or back of the car rather than the middle. If you are involved in this type of collision, a car accident lawyer can help you to determine who was at fault and where you stand.

Rear-End Collision

It’s a sinking feeling when you feel that bump from behind. Many newer cars are so well built that a rear-end collision results in very minor damage to the vehicle or passengers. This type of collision often happens in stop and go traffic when drivers get distracted. It can also occur when there is debris in the road or tailgaters traveling too fast.

To avoid these accidents, don’t tailgate and drive defensively by getting out of the way of obnoxious drivers. Leave plenty of space between you and the car in front of you, so that even if you get tapped from behind, you won’t get pushed into the next car. Check to make sure your brake lights are working too.

Single Car Accident

Single car accidents can happen when a driver swerves to miss an animal in the road (or can’t swerve in time and doesn’t miss). They can also happen in bad weather when the car hits ice or hydroplanes and spins out of control.

Impaired driving is also a huge factor in single-car accidents. To keep yourself safe, stay alert, stay sober, and go the speed limit.

“There are over 16,000 car crashes per day in the United States. Approximately 102 people die per day from wrecks. According to some accident statistics, 1 in 45 people will be in a wreck at some point each year. These sobering statistics make the importance of driving safely even more profound.”

Article Last Updated: June 10, 2024.

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