#161, Clasiq.com, a start-up buying, selling classic cars

James Raia

Classic car start-up Clasiq.com specializes in buying and selling classic cars.

New car sales are hurting during the COVID-19 pandemic. Used cars, car subscriptions, leasing, etc., are increasingly popular. Clasiq.com hopes for its share of the marketplace as an online start-up.

As its name implies, Clasiq.com sells classic cars. It streamlines the process of buying and selling a classic vehicle.

Classic car start-up Clasiq.com specializes in buying and selling classic cars.
Classic car start-up Clasiq.com specializes in buying and selling classic cars. Image © Jeremy Birenbaum.

Co-hosts Bruce Aldrich and James Raia talk with Jeremy Birenbaum, Clasiq’s Creative Director, on this episode of The Weekly Driver Podcast.

Birenbaum says Clasiq.com defines a classic vehicle as dating from 1994 and older.

As the car-buying and car-selling landscapes evolve during the pandemic, Birenbaum discusses the procedures of buying and selling from the company, including inspection, payments, pick-up and delivery.

Clasiq.com Specializes In Classic Cars

According to the company, Clasiq.com provides “peace of mind” to first-time buyers and veteran car buyers and sellers.

“I developed the site when my casual social media posts on cool classic cars become the largest and fastest-growing online community of classic car lovers, and I realized through their comments that there simply wasn’t a place for them to reliably trade,” explained David Zysblat, CEO and Founder of Clasiq.

“To make a solid business out of it, we at Clasiq promise to independently verify the condition and accurately price every car we list, and only put up for sale what we would happily buy ourselves.”

Clasiq.com does not charge a selling fee. The company arranges and obtains a professional car inspection and produces high-quality photos and videos at no cost to the seller, all in the name of presenting a transparent and trustworthy shopping experience to interested buyers.

Clasiq.com offers an online auction platform and provides a secure escrow service through which a seller can be sure that the buyer has paid for the car before signing over the pink slip of ownership.

The buyer and seller never have to have any contact at all through this COVID-friendly shopping experience.

Xavier Martinez, who is selling his head-turning, red 1971 Fiat Spider, is using Clasiq because of the sense of security he feels with the process.

“I’ve sold five classic cars in the past and had no idea what someone’s intentions were when they expressed interest. Now, using Clasiq, I don’t feel like I’m on my own. The hassle and worry are gone because the buyers are screened by Clasiq and I know that they are serious.”

The Clasiq.com website also has a free classic car valuation tool and hosts fun videos about interesting cars and their owners, classic car ownership guides and news from the car collecting world.

Clasiq began 2016 as a social media presence focused on interesting classic cars. Nearing 900,000 in its audience, the business side of the brand launched in November 2020.

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Article Last Updated: December 14, 2020.

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