VW has a new mini-van with a camper slinky

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Many companies make unusual-looking RVs, campers and mini-vans. Volkswagen’s new entrant among the fraternity of the odd is the Mini-Camper.

The small camper is called a Caddy Camper. The full-sized model was launched in 2018. Its innovative junior sibling transforms a small van into a larger “glamping lodge.” It will replace the outgoing larger Caddy Beach van.

Volkswagen has a new mini-van with a slinky-like attachment.
Volkswagen has a new mini-van with a slinky-like attachment.

Versatility is a premium attribute of the new van. Its small size means easier parking and nimble handling. It also adds to VW’s lineup of vehicles with multitasking abilities. The vans are ideal as daily drivers but work equally in what the manufacturer calls “spontaneous micro-adventure.”

New mini-van adds to VW’s camping lineup

In its early marketing, the German manufacturer has positioned the vehicle for “young, adventurous couples and families.”

The new Mini-Camper will have a folding rear bench that converts into a two-person bed. Volkswagen reporter the bed has been redesigned for versatility and measures slightly less than 6 1/2 feet.

Also included are lightweight camping chairs and a stowable table.

Likely the most innovative feature is a panoramic glass roof that covers 15.1 square feet. The panel and all other windows can be darkened to block harsh light. Two storage bags can double as privacy screens when fastened to the rear windows.

The VW will also offer a pop-up tent that adjoins to the rear hatch. It’s ideal for a makeshift living room or a second bedroom. It looks like an adult-sized slinky.

The four-cylinder diesel engine is available with either 74 or 121 horsepower. There’s also a gasoline motor with 113 horsepower. It will also include Trailer Assist, which helps with towing, and VW’s Travel Assist.

Look for the new van’s debut in September. Prices have not been announced.

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