Nissan concept EV defines brilliantly bizarre city car future

James Raia

Concept vehicles are polarizing, preposterous and brilliant, and sometimes simultaneously. Nissan has added to the wacky category with its new, all-electric IMk.

Designed with the ideas of Japanese “city cars,” the IMk has been defined by Nissan as a chic vehicle and with the clever marketing phrase, “reduces driver stress.”

Nissan has joined the concept car craze with futuristic all EV city car.
Nissan has joined the concept car craze with a futuristic all-electric city car.


What car has ever reduced driver stress?

Built on a new electric vehicle platform, the IMk features ProPILOT advanced driver-assist technologies and seamless connectivity features.

The carmaker reports the concept “gives a glimpse at what urban-oriented cars might look like and feel like in the near future.”

The design and proportions of the IMk are meant to reflect a minimal aesthetic drawing on the Nissan design philosophy called Timeless Japanese Futurism.

With its simple flowing lines, the concept is ideally defined by minimalism. Its exterior copper color is called Akagane. The manufacturer says it “pays homage to artisans who formed copper into functional works of art.”

For those who embrace imagery, the IMk has a bench seat, giving the impression of “floating on a cloud.”

The minimalistic theme is further continued by a near-barren landscape. The dash only has a start button and shifter. Vehicle speed and navigation directions appear in midair using a bezel-less prism design. Additional information is given to the driver via holographic displays.

ProPilot Remote Park would allow the vehicle to park itself and retrieve the driver at their location.

Nissan hasn’t released any details of the vehicle’s battery size, range, top speed, recharging time or potential price.

And, of course, like all concept cars, Nissan hasn’t said if the IMk will be produced.

Article Last Updated: October 2, 2019.

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