Aptera Motors touts an industry first, a no-charge EV

James Raia

Aptera Motors has touted a no charge electric vehicle powered by the sun.

Range anxiety will disappear in electric vehicles if Aptera Motors can make good on its latest promise to offer an EV that never needs charging.

The San Diego, California-based maker of the self-advertised “world’s most efficient passenger vehicles,” has introduced Never Charge.

Aptera Motors has touted a no charge electric vehicle powered by the sun.
Aptera Motors has touted a no charge electric vehicle powered by the sun.

It’s an integrated solar-charging option that means never having to charge your car again. Aptera says it’s going to offer the first solar vehicle-charging system capable of meeting well over the mileage needs of most drivers.

The carmaker further says: “Power required for most driving comes from the sun, not the grid.”

The Aptera, which can go 1,000 miles on a single charge, is four times more efficient than the average EV. At 100 watthours per mile, it boasts the lowest energy consumption of any electric vehicle on the road.

“A no-fuel transportation option is finally possible, the result of Aptera’s efficient vehicle technology and today’s leading solar cells,” said Aptera co-CEO Steve Fambro. “This is a genuinely off-grid solution and something that can power my home. I’ll feel much better about my energy-use footprint with an Aptera in my driveway.”

A modest solar complement integrated into the surface of the car’s body can now supply up to 40 miles’ worth of power per day and more than 11,000 miles of total charge per year with no impact on performance.

Never Charge is the first offering to provide truly grid-independent transportation. It will allow drivers to use the excess power they generate to run their homes or feed it back to the grid at night. It also precludes Aptera from having to incorporate a rapid-charging solution into the vehicle or build out a proprietary charging network.

Initially available as part of a special-edition package, Never Charge will ultimately be an option for any Aptera vehicle.

The carmaker has predicted it will offer cars to the public with 2020 models. The company reported may sell its vehicles for between $34,000 and $59,000, with an average of $47,500.

To find out more about Aptera and Never Charge, visit: www.Aptera.us


Article Last Updated: October 3, 2019.

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