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#104, RV expert discusses the ever-changing industry

Chuck Woodbury, publisher of, joins The Weekly Driver Podcast to discuss the ever-changing RV industry.

Chuck Woodbury, publisher of, is the preeminent expert in the ever-evolving recreational vehicle community. He’s traveled throughout the United States and in several other countries, documenting his journeys via the RV lifestyle.

With his website and electronic newsletters, Woodbury and his contributors provide the industry’s leading source of news and information.

#104, RV expert discusses the ever-changing industry 1
Chuck Woodbury, publisher of, joins The Weekly Driver Podcast to discuss the ever-changing RV industry.

Woodbury is also one of the few repeat guests on The Weekly Driver Podcast. Co-hosts Bruce Aldrich and James Raia cover multiple components of the industry in episode #104.

As we previously discussed, the RV industry offers many types of vehicles and various ways to experience a mobile lifestyle — as a getaway weekend or as part-time or permanent residence options.

Woodbury is an advocate for the enjoyment of the RV world. But he’s also a savvy watchdog of an industry ripe with major issues.

Too many RV buyers are taken advantage of by RV manufacturers offering vehicles poorly constructed. Buyer recourse in the industry needs revision. Some financing programs benefit the sellers, not the buyers.

Woodbury’s website and his free comprehensive weekly newsletter and his five-times-per week travel tips newsletter are must reads for RV travelers and those considering it.

Revisit our first interview with Woodbury about the RV industry from February 2018 in Episode # 25.

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