Kwik Fit interactive game highlights distracted driving dangers

Michael James

Kwik Fit takes its business as a retail tire seller and vehicle serving company seriously. But the United Kingdom-based enterprise isn’t opposed to having some educational fun while immersed in the importance of safe driving in the automotive industry.

Which is why Kwik Fit has developed the interactive game Driven To Distraction. It clocks users’ recreation times and those shows how districting it is for drivers to use their phones while driving.

Kwik Fit interactive game highlights distracted driving dangers 1
Driven to Distraction in an interactive game done in collaboration with KwikFit.

The game challenges users to click on the screen as soon as they see the stop sign appear. The game records how many milliseconds it takes for players to react.

Driven To Distraction drivers must then attempt to the same test while simultaneously answering questions shown on a phone. Drivers’ reaction times are recorded while they’re concentrating on their answers while watching for stop signs.

This article is a Collaborative Post with Kwik Fit. 

Reacting one second slower while answering questions on a cellphone can result in a vehicle taking 12 meters long to stop. It’s a reality check for drivers to see how event a slight distraction can have a big effect on drivers’ response times when driving.

The game has Easy, Medium and Hard levels. With each increasing level, the car moves quicker and the questions become more difficult. The questions are about the rules of the road.

Driven To Distraction, while defined as a game, stresses the need for more focused driving. It’s part of a campaign to encourage people to not use their phone while driving.

According to research in the United Kingdom, nearly 2.7 million drivers have had a collision or veered off the road when distracted by their phone. The research showed that 24 percent of drivers still reading texts when driving despite it also being illegal.

Be sure to check out Driven To Distraction, the new interactive game that highlights the danger of distracted to driving.

Article Last Updated: August 22, 2019.

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  1. I think playing Driven To Distraction while driving is not really a good idea. Though the purpose is to encourage people to not use their phone while driving but the game can be played during/while driving. I think this is ridiculous.


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