#83 GIG one-way rental car debuts in Sacramento

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Tony Bizjak, the long-time transportation writer for the Sacramento Bee, recently wrote an article and was the driver in the publication’s online video about GIG. It’s the new on-demand, one-way rental car service available in Sacramento and other select cities.

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Bizjak is the first of our two guests on Episode #83 of The Weekly Driver Podcast. Our second guest is Mike Blasky, the Media Relations Specialist of AAA for Northern California, Nevada and Utah. He’s based in Walnut Creek, California.

GIG, the one-way car rental service, recently made its Sacramento debut.
GIG, the one-way car rental service, recently made its Sacramento debut.

GIG (Get In, Go) is working in conjunction with AAA on the project. GIG relies on the Toyota Prius hybrids in San Francisco Bay Area, but the Sacramento region is using all-electric Chevrolet Bolts. An estimated 260 Bolts will be positioned around Sacramento’s main neighborhoods and central district of the city by the end of April

Bizjak shares his experience using the GIG app to find the closest vehicle and then takes it for a drive. He also explains the different options of rental time frames and their corresponding payments.

Sacramento is the first city selected by Electrify America for its investment in electric vehicle usage.

Blasky explains AAA’s involvement in GIG, details of the program, how the public has reacted to the project.

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