#69 Ford Edge ST debuts as carmaker’s performance SUV

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Tyler Swedensky is the new car manager at Future Ford in Sacramento, California, and he’s good at what he does.

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With co-host Bruce Aldrich driving and me observing as a back- seat passenger, Swedensky recently took us for a test drive and preview of the 2019 Ford Edge ST.

The 2019 Ford Edge ST is the manufacturer's new performance SUV.
The 2019 Ford Edge ST is the manufacturer’s new performance SUV. Image © Bruce Aldrich/2019

Ford is marketing the new vehicle as its first performance SUV, and Swedensky is our guest on this week’s episode of The Weekly Driver Podcast.

After our ride, Bruce and I asked our guest about the Edge ST from the offices of the Sacramento dealership. He explained the SUV’s innovative Co-Pilot 360. It’s a suite of standard driver- assist technologies. Features include a blind spot information system, lane keeping system, enhanced active park assist and automatic emergency braking with Pedestrian Detection.

Ford motto’s for the SUV: “The Edge ST has the feel of an SUV with the heart of a sports car.”

We also discussed with our guest the future of Ford as one of several manufacturers, emphasizing their SUV and truck lineups and shrinking or eliminating the sale of sedans.

And we also discussed some of Ford’s vehicles and what the manufacturer may do next.

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