#68, Driven to Drive, 2018 podcast year in review

James Raia

Max Mack is the owner of Driven to Drive in Sacramento.

Max Mack has owned his share of vehicles. Like other car enthusiasts, he appreciates fast cars and automobile history, and he likes to associate with like-minded individuals.

It’s why the Sacramento businessman began Driven to Drive. Mack organizes social meet-ups among car enthusiasts and businesses around Northern California — wineries to urban locales. It a great way to mix and share automobiles stories and with support from regional businesses.

Max Mack is the owner of Driven to Drive in Sacramento.
Max Mack is the owner of Driven to Drive in Sacramento.

Mack is our guest on episode #68 of The Weekly Driver Podcast. Co-hosts Bruce Aldrich and James Raia talk with Mack about his new business, his long-time interest in cars, membership in the organization and plans for Driven to Drive in 2019.

Driven to Drive’s mission statement: “We love cars. We love driving cars. We are Driven to Drive! Whether you roll a brand new performance or luxury whip or sport a rare, exotic or vintage pony,  join us at cool, memorable venues throughout the region. We aim to introduce valued business partners to support your automobile, personal and professional lifestyles. Start your engines and let’s go!”

In our second segment, we review 2018 and our varied podcast subjects. We broadcast every week (with a few exceptions) and we’ve interviewed athletes, industry experts, manufacturer representatives and innovators. Bruce and I revisit one podcast for every month of last year.

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Article Last Updated: January 7, 2019.

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