Episode 53, New cars ‘mobile attack spaces on wheels’

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Steve Povolny is head of the Advanced Threat Research Lab at McAfee in Hillsboro, Oregon. He’s not a fearmonger, but he has concerns about the increasing dilemma of cyber attacks on vehicles.

Povolony, who uses the term “mobile attack space on wheels” to discuss the predicament, is our guest on episode #53 of The Weekly Driver Podcast.

Vehicle cyber attacks are an increasing concern.
Vehicle cyber attacks are an increasing concern.

Co-hosts Bruce Aldrich and James Raia discuss the quickly evolving and potentially catastrophic phenomenon in a wide-ranging session. Povolny doesn’t speak with a suggestion of an imminent driving apocalypse, but consider his opening remarks:

“In the last few years alone, we’ve seen a pretty significant move in the attack surface for vehicles. Pretty much every new vehicle that comes out on the market now for the last has some kind of ‘smart’ capabilities or features.”

“And certainly many of them have a network component to them. If you’re a Tesla owner, instead of your key, you use your key to remote start, or the unlock the doors and pretty much every other feature.”

“What we have seen is that as more new vehicles come on to the market and they contain additional smart features and great pieces of technology, those do come with a pretty heavy security concern.”

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