Episode 28, Rats eating cars, winter driving, Genesis shines

Michael James

If you live near a river and your vehicle is parked outside and near trees, there’s likely one more reason to be concerned about its welfare — rats. Owners of cars from several manufacturers are increasingly reporting that rodents are eating their vehicles from the inside out.

Reports in several states by owners of Honda and Toyota vehicles, as well as other carmakers’ models, are claiming rats are devouring the wiring in their cars and causing major costly repairs.  The problem, owners claim, is that “green car” concerns have resulted in manufacturers using soy-based engine wiring and coverings.

Rats eating engine wiring are an increasing problem for vehicles owners.
Rats eating engine wiring is an increasing problem for vehicle owners.

Several lawsuits have been filed, with Honda and Toyota stating the litigations have no merit. But several years ago, Honda introduced a rodent-deterrent tape to help with the issue. Toyota has not further commented.

The soy alternative used by car companies is an eco-friendly alternative to wrapping wires and car parts in plastic.

Hosts Bruce Aldrich and James Raia discuss the rodent problems in cars below in Episode #28 of The Weekly Driver Podcast

Also in this episode, we discuss:

* Winter driving can be frightening. We detail guidelines and commonsense practices while driving in inclement weather as well as the benefits of vehicles with four-wheel drive and all-wheel drive.

* Bruce and his with Alene recently returned from their third time renting an RV. Bruce talks about getting more experience behind the wheel in the increasingly popular way to travel on vacation.

* Genesis, new luxury brand began as a Hyundai Genesis, has been praised since its debut 2017 models. Now, the Genesis has received another top honor. It’s rated as the top overall pick by Consumer Reports. Genesis has accelerated past Audi followed by BMW, Lexus and Porsche in the top 5. The remainder of the top 10 in order: Subaru, Kia, Tesla, Honda and Toyota.

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Article Last Updated: March 8, 2018.

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