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Rare Tesla offered as children’s fundraiser giveaway

Kimbal Musk, often cited as a global social entrepreneur, is conducting a fundraising campaign through Omaze for fans to the chance to win the philanthropist’s personal and fully customized Tesla Model 3, the sixth model ever made.

Musk, the younger brother of Elon Musk and founder of Tesla, is considered the “founding father of the modern food movement.”

Kimbal Musk has launched a fundraising campaign with chanced to win his Tesla 3.
Kimbal Musk has launched a fundraising campaign with donors offered a chance to win his Tesla 3.

Proceeds raised from the campaign will benefit Big Green, Kimbal’s initiative to provide healthier futures for kids through learning gardens and food literacy programs.

Your donation will help Big Green establish a culture in schools that promotes youth wellness and reduces preventable diet-related health disparities. Funds raised can provide seeds, plants and supplies for a school’s garden; give students access to brand new Learning Gardens; and help teachers prepare fresh produce in a classroom.

The more children who have the opportunity to learn, play and grow in healthy communities, the more we can build lifelong healthy habits for kids.

Musk owns The Kitchen Cafe, LLC, a family of community restaurants, and he co-founded Square Roots, an urban farming accelerator in Brooklyn, NY. He’s also on the boards of Tesla Inc., SpaceX, and Chipotle Mexican Grill.

Musk’s Telsa is equipped with every available upgrade, including voice-activated controls, Wi-Fi/LTE connectivity, premium audio system, LED fog lamps and the Long Range battery.

Fans can check out the campaign at All they have to do is donate $10 for the chance to win, and donating more unlocks additional entries.


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