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Episode 20, 2017 year-end observations, goodbye to 21 cars

The Elio Motors three-wheel vehicle is failing before it was made.

Every year, cars come and go. In 2018, nearly two dozen vehicles available in 2017 won’t be available as new models. Some of the cars, like the Chevrolet Spark, have been failing for years. Some of the other departing vehicles, like the Honda Accord coupe, come as surprises.

In Episode 20 of The Weekly Driver Podcast, co-hosts Bruce Aldrich and James Raia bid farewell to the departing vehicles. Some we’ll miss. But for others, good riddance.

The Elio Motors three-wheel vehicle is failing before it was made.
The Elio Motors three-wheel vehicle is failing before it was made.

With the new year upon us, we also look back on some of the popular topics in the auto industry during 2017.

What exactly will happen beginning January 1 with the new marijuana laws beging is anyone’s guess. How will law enforcement officials handle motorists who have had to much to smoke?

No one was in the news more than Elon Musk, the owner of Tesla. We chat about his ongoing plans for the fastest production vehicle ever made as well as the delays in his long-promised everyman’s Tesla.

Paul Elio, the owner of the fledgling three-wheel Elio, spent much of the year fending off criticism about his yet-to-be manufactured vehicle.

Elio has massive debt, lots of broken promises and a few pending lawsuits. He’s also facing the likelihood his much-touted vehicle with its $7,400 price, 84 miles per gallon and 100 miles per hour estimates, will never be made.

Also in Episode 20, we share some of our “pet peeves.” We answer the question why every car couldn’t have rear window windshield wipers. And Bruce explains that drivers not using their blinkers is a not a new story and that it’s perhaps me just getting old

We hope you enjoy the episode and we welcome your comments.


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