Consumer Reports’ 10 2017 Worst Cars To Buy

Michael James

The 2017 Toyota Yaris iA is value-priced but has a lot of standard features.

Consumer Reports has published car and truck lists for decades. Among its recent compilations is its worst cars for 2017 in 10 popular segments, subcompacts to luxury sedans, compacts to hybrids.

The list is based on the lowest overall score in each category and based on a complete overview of each vehicle. The criteria combine a road-test score, predicted reliability, owner satisfaction and safety — including government and insurance industry crash-test results.

The 2017 Toyota Yaris iA is value-priced but has a lot of standard features.
The 2017 Toyota Yaris iA is a Consumer Reports’ favorite. Image © James Raia/2017

In conjunction with each worst car in each category, Consumer Reports lists its suggested best choice in each category.

Here’s what the publication said about 2017 Chrysler 200. It’s the lowest-ranked sedan in the most popular car category:

“This category is overflowing with competent, and even excellent, alternatives to the 200. It drives like it’s from a previous era. Handling is clumsy, the ride is unsettled, and the four-cylinder engine is underwhelming. The transmission is uncooperative and has proven to be a reliability albatross. The tight rear seat feels claustrophobic and access is compromised. In Consumer Reports’ ratings, the 200 has the dubious distinction of carrying the lowest Overall Score and lowest road-test score in the class, as well as the lowest predicted reliability rating.”

Consumer Reports picked the Kia Optima as its highest-ranked midsize sedan.

Here’s the list of the publication’s 10 lowest ranked cars in 10 categories and the highest-rated vehicle in the same category parentheses. Hyperlinked worst and best vehicles have been reviewed by TheWeeklyDriver in 2017 or a recent year.

Sub-compact, Mitsubishi Mirage (Toyota Yaris)
Lowest-Rated Compact Electric/Hybrid: Mitsubishi i-MiEV (Toyota Prius)
Lowest-Rated Compact Car: Fiat 500L (Chevrolet Cruze)
Lowest-Rated Midsized Sedan: Chrysler 200 (Kia Optima)
Lowest-Rated Compact Pickup: Toyota Tacoma (Honda Ridgeline)
Lowest-Rated Midsized SUV: Dodge Journey (Toyota Highlander)
Lowest-Rated Entry-Level Luxury Car: Mercedes-Benz CLA (Buick Verano)
Lowest-Rated Luxury Midsized Sedan: Maserati Ghibli (Infiniti Q70)
Lowest-Rated Luxury Compact SUV: Land Rover Discovery Sport (Mercedes-Benz GLC)
Lowest-Rated Luxury SUV: Cadillac Escalade (Audi Q7)

To read Consumer Reports’ assessment of each of its 10 worst cars for 2017, visit: WORST 10 CARS

Article Last Updated: July 18, 2023.

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