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60 Minutes calls Lamborghini: ‘Irrational Romance’

The Lamborghini Veneno was featured on 60 Minutes.

It isn’t often 60 Minutes reports on the auto industry, but the longstanding program’s segment on Lamborghini was varied and a comprehensive look at the high-end carmaker.

The segment celebrated the 50th anniversary of the Italian automaker. Its cars the program reported cost as much as $4 million.

The segment included the description of the design of the car as one continuous line.

It was interesting to hear the history of the car, dating to its tractor days, and the original owner’s fondness for Ferrari. There was one exception: he didn’t like the clutch.

The Lamborghini Veneno was featured on 60 Minutes.
Lamborghini Veneno

Ferrari told Lamborghini to stick to making tractors and thus Lamborghini was born.

One of the highlights of the segment was the look and the description of the four Veneno models built. One was built for the manufacturer, three for customers. All three were purchased sight unseen.

Scott Pelley, the CBS correspondent, drove one of the vehicles during the segment and further discusse the story on the 60 Minutes website.

The segment was fair and could not have been better public relations for the carmaker.

Pelley ended the segment, describing the manufacturer as “The science of irrational romance.”



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