Mercedes-Benz recalls 1 million cars after 51 fuse fires

James Raia

Another day, another recall. This time it’s Mercedes-Benz. Parent company Daimler AG announced it’s recalling one million newer-model Mercedes-Benz vehicles globally after 51 fires were reported because of a defective fuse.

The vehicles affected: certain C-class, E-class and CLA cars and GLA and GLC SUVs, all from 2015 through 2017. The models have a defective “current limiter,” or fuse, according to the carmaker’s U.S. regulatory disclosure.

A million Mercedes-Benz vehicles are being recalled globally because of faulty fuses.
A million Mercedes-Benz vehicles are being recalled globally because of faulty fuses.

Among the million vehicles scheduled for recall, 307,629 are in the United States. And 30 of the fires were in vehicles in the U.S.

No death nor injuries have been reported to the Germany carmaker. It will begin its U.S. recall in July when new parts are available.

The German automaker said that no injuries or deaths have been reported to them regarding the vehicles. It will begin the U.S. recall in July when parts are available.

A Mercedes-Benz spokesperson told Automotive News: “Any affected vehicles in inventory will not be sold until they can be outfitted with the additional fuse.”

In its announcement, Daimler said the problem originated in instances when the engine doesn’t start. When that occurs, the “current limiter” in the starter motor can overheat from repeated attempts to start the vehicles. As a result, the part can overheat and melt nearby parts.

The unit breakdown and location of Mercedes-Benz vehicles recalled outside of the United States hasn’t been announced.

Mercedes-Benz said it did not immediately have a breakdown of where vehicles are to be recalled outside the U.S.

Mercedes-Benz and Daimler said that it will begin notifying U.S. customers in late March.

Article Last Updated: March 3, 2017.

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