So long, farewell to these cars after 2016 models

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While some cars’ legacies continue for decades, through many generations and fluctuating sales years, other cars have short tenures and disappear as new models quickly in the ever-crowded marketplace.

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The unique-looking Honda Crosstour has been discontinued.
The unique-looking Honda Crosstour is among at least 10 cars that have been discontinued after 2016 models. Image © James Raia

It was no different at the end of 2016. Some highly reviewed cars and some not-so-well reviewed vehicles won’t be available as 2017 models.

As such, we say goodbye and farewell to at least 10 vehicles with 2016 as their final years. Will any of them become collectors’ items? Or, will they simply fade into an automotive graveyard somewhere and resurface as “barn finds” decades from now.

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Either way, here’s a look at 10 cars manufacturers stopped making after their respective 2016 models. Cars listed with hyperlinks were reviewed in at least one model year by

1. Dodge Caravan
The original minivan did well, but it has needed a makeover for years. Welcome its replacement, the slick new Town & Country. And say farewell to the Dodge Caravan — at least for now.

2. Honda Crosstour
A polarizing combination a full-size crossover and the Honda Accord, the Crosstour just never caught on with the public. The competition was tough, particularly from its own siblings, the Honda CR-V, Honda HR-V and Honda Pilot. The Crosstour joined its also recently departed family member, the Honda Element. (Editor’s note: The Crosstour was a personal favorite.)

3. Jeep Compass
Considering the brand’s history as a rugged military vehicle, the Compass just couldn’t maintain any degree of the same reputation. It just wasn’t very good off roads.

4. Jeep Patriot
The entry-level crossover is built on the same platform as the Compact. Enough said. The midsize Cherokee and compact Renegade are far superior models. The Patriot and Compass just lost their courage and direction.

5. Mini Cooper Coupe
Mini has a whole new generation of vehicles and the Cooper Coupe, like the Mitsubishi Evo X, had a niche following. But there wasn’t a big enough sales base to justify its future production.

6. Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X
An affordable all-wheel drive sedan first manufactured in 2008, the Evo X cornered superbly and did well on the world rally circuit. But Mitsubishi has downsized, and Lancer Evo X is the odd car out.

7. Nissan Xterra
Built with a major emphasis for off-road adventure enthusiasts, the Xterra found a niche market. But it just wasn’t practical or very efficient, and it even less comfortable on the road, the driving surface needed to get off the road.

8. Scion xB
One of original vehicle-in-a-box models about 15 years ago, the Scion lineup never reached its sales goals is now defunct with the except of the iA and iM models absorbed into the Toyota lineup.

9. Volkswagen Eos
The Eos has been criticized for years as overpriced and impractical. Its base price is more than $31,000 and its main competitors, the less expensive Mazda MX-5 Miata and the more expensive Audi A3, are highly praised. (Editor’s note: appreciated the Eos for its uniqueness.)

10. Volvo S80
The Volvo S80 hadn’t been upgraded to any degree for a decade. For 2017, it’s been replaced by the Volvo S90. The latter has received tremendous reviews, including on

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