Customer Service vital for success in towing industry

Michael James

Good customer service is essential in the tow truck industry.

Customer service is an essential part of any public-oriented profession. After all, every business needs clients. Keeping your clientele satisfied, including in the towing industry, is key to ongoing success.

Any company that allows paying customers to walk away unhappy is risking its future.

In the towing industry, excellent customer service is of particular importance. Towing Falcons, providers of towing services in San Leandro, California, attest to this:

“We have years of experience working with the public, and know just how difficult dealing with a breakdown, a blown-out tire, or a crash is for drivers,” the company’s owner said. “Our team understands how vital their role in our customers’ day is: they’re on the scene to get their lives back on track, even if this simply means helping them make that date or collect their kids from school.

Good customer service is essential in the tow truck industry.
Good customer service is essential in the tow truck industry.

“There’s no excuse for poor customer service. Professionals in the towing industry must be friendly, efficient, compassionate, and willing to listen to clients in need of a shoulder to cry on.”

Client important in towing business

Consider how you might feel after a collision, even a minor one.

Perhaps you’re driving home from work. You’re tired. You’ve endured another long day at the office. All you want to do is get something to eat, have a glass of wine or two, and relax.

However, as you roll along the freeway, the driver in front of you stops suddenly, without warning. You slam on your brakes. The vehicle behind you strikes the rear of your car but speeds away. You’re shocked, and the car is our damaged.

How would that be? You would likely feel shaken up, angry, frustrated your plans for the rest of the day have been affected. When your tow truck driver arrives, the last thing you want is to face criticism or slow, sloppy service. You want someone who understands your shock or anger. You want someone to get you where you need to be without fail.

Happy customers mean business in towing business

A tow truck driver should never offer the minimum expected of them.

First of all, the driver should have a professional appearance. Arriving at the scene of an accident or major incident in stained, torn, dirty clothing is unacceptable. Customers want to feel that you’re there to help, and first impressions count for so much.

Depending on the situation, a tow truck driver may need to wear numerous hats. In the case of a terrifying crash, they may well need to help their client calm down and be patient as they deal with their shock. If a little collision leaves the customer unharmed but shaken, the towing professional should offer to drive them to a nearby restroom, offer a drink of water, or recommend quality body shops able to repair the car. They should ensure the customer has everything they need.

Going the distance will help to encourage repeat calls, as a customer who enjoys exceptional service will remember your firm the next time they need assistance.

Recognizing the human side of towing vehicles is not negotiable. Yes, the job itself may only involve removing a vehicle from a scene, But as we’ve discussed, there is so much more to it than this. A significant amount of trust is required, and clients must feel relaxed, satisfied, and safe in the presence of their tow truck driver.

Even for the smallest of towing businesses, positive word of mouth can work wonders for your reputation – and nothing leads to a personal recommendation like quality customer service.


Article Last Updated: April 14, 2017.

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