Honda recalls 1.7 million vehicles in Takata airbag mess

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Honda has ordered a massive recall and stop-sale notice to its U.S. dealerships. The reason: An estimated 1.7 million of the manufacturer’s vehicles, including the Honda Fit and Honda Ridgeline models years from 2007 to 2015, could have exploding Takata airbag inflators.

According to the manufacturer, dealers have been warned they could face “legal exposure” for unrepaired vehicles if the order is violated.

Honda Dealers Responsible

The recall and stop-sale order covers the 2007-11 CR-V crossover, 2011-15 CR-Z coupe, 2009-13 Fit, 2013-14 Fit EV, 2010-14 Insight hybrid and the 2007-14 Ridgeline.

The manufacturer’s actions were first reported by the website Automotive News.

Honda reported driver-side airbag inflators in these vehicles may experience “over-pressurization” due to exposure to high temperatures and high absolute humidity. If the problem persists, inflators could rupture if deployed in an accident. As such, sharp particles could be projected toward vehicles.

The 2014 Honda Fit is among 1.7 million Honda cars and trucks being recalled for faulty airbags.
The 2014 Honda Fit EV is among 1.7 million Honda cars and trucks being recalled for faulty airbags. Image © James Raia/2013

The Takata airbag issue has resulted in a global recall of tens of millions of vehicles. Defective Takata airbags have been linked to at least 10 deaths.

In its memo to dealers, Honda reported it will recall the affected vehicles. Replacement parts, however, won’t be available until late this summer (2016).

Federal law bans the sale of new vehicles with pending recalls, but not that of used vehicles. Regulators have been frustrated in their efforts to compel dealers to make recall repairs on used vehicles before sale. Honda’s order would apply to its own dealerships only and not independent used-car dealers.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has been notified of the carmaker’s actions. The NHTSA hasn’t yet commented.

Honda reported it will soon provide further details, including specific VIN information.

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