Mercedes-Benz, Nissan, Dodge get dubious honors

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Owning a Mercedes-Benz luxury sedan or a Dodge Charger muscle car might be a dream vehicle of your choice. Both automobiles have long been popular to different buying groups. But both vehicles are also expected to be among the worst depreciating cars in 2016.

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According to a new report on and compiled from statistics from the used-vehicle website, the Nissan Leaf is expected to be with the worst anticipated depreciating in 2016. The Leaf will likely be worth only 52 percent of its original MSRP after one year.

The Forbes’ article states depreciation values are “essentially educated guesses.” But it also cites the data from and its most recent tabulation from 2015 of more than 46,000 used vehicles.

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The report notes new Leafs are eligible for one-time $7,500 federal tax credits in addition to state and/or local incentives that immediately deflates the car’s resale value.

The 2016 Merceds-Benz is expected to be among the worst depreciating cars of 2016.
The 2016 Mercedes-Benz SL Class is expected to be among the worst depreciating cars of 2016.

Here’s what the report said about the Mercedes-Benz. It’s expected to be the third-worst depreciating car in 2016:

“Mercedes’ $84,000 flagship roadster is a truly sporty and opulent two-seater, but it bleeds money once it’s driven off the dealer’s lot, losing 41 percent of its original MSRP after one year.”

Here’s the list of the anticipated worst depreciating cars of 2016. The only manufacturers with two cars on the list are Chevrolet and Kia. The Chevrolet Camaro (No. 4) and Chevrolet Exoress share the worst of the worst honors with the Kia Cadenza (No. 5) and Kia Optima (No. 9);

1. Nissan Leaf;
2. Dodge Charger;
3. Mercedes-Benz SL CLass;
4. Chevrolet Camaro;
5. Kia Cadenza;
6. Volkswagen Beetle;
7. Chevrolet Express;
8. Mitsubishi Lancer;
9. Kia Optima;
10. Cadillac CTS

To read the complete report, visit: 2016 CAR DEPRECIATION

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