Mercedes-Benz, Honda models among 10 cars gone in 2016

Michael James

The unique-looking Honda Crosstour has been discontinued.

New year car models used to be available for the first time in September. But manufacturers now debut cars for different reasons at the different times of the year.

While some 2016 models are still pending, some 2017 models have been available for months.

But consumers beware. If you’re considering a 2016 model, it may no longer be available. Honda to Toyota, Mercedes Benz to Nissan, some models of prominent cars ended their tenures after their 2015 models.

Here’s a list of 10 well-known cars available as 2015 models, but defunct as 2016 models:

Mercedes-Benz is phasing out one of its SUVs in 2016.
Mercedes-Benz phased out its M-Class SUV after the 2015 model.

1. Mercedes-Benz M-Class — The German manufacturer’s midsize SUV has been replaced by a sleeker-looker models, the GLE-Class.

2. Honda Crosstour — It was funny looking and it never caught on with a public that didn’t quite get a fastback wagon-like Honda Accord.

3. Infiniti Q40 — Its larger sibling, the Q50, is gaining an increasing audience. That means the Q40 (formerly G37) is departing. Its younger relative, the Q30 premium compact crossover, will debut as an entry-level vehicle in the middle of 2016.

4. Jaguar XK — The coupe convertible is large and sexy, but it never sold well. Goodbye.


The unique-looking Honda Crosstour has been discontinued.
The unique-looking Honda Crosstour has been discontinued.

5. Land Rover LR2 — Land Rover buyers are largely families and the need more room. The compact SUB is being replaced by the Discovery Sport. It has third-row seating.

6. MINI Cooper Coupe and Roadster — MINI offered a lot of models with a lot of trims. The poor sellers, like the two-seat coupe and roadster, have been jettisoned.

7. Nissan Xterra — After a 15-year run and more than 750,000 units sold, the truck-based SUV has run its course. Consumers’ SUV buying habits have leaned toward smaller SUVs with better gas mileage and more comfort.

8. Scion IQ — A minicar with an odd style that few people bought. It’s gone.

9. Scion xB — The carmaker’s original “box and four wheels,” the odd wagon debuted in 2004. It’s now being replaced by the 2016 iM four-door hatchback. It’s similar to the defunct Toyota Matrix.

10. Toyota Venza — It had a cute factor and a polarizing design as a five-passenger wagon/crossover. But a clever name didn’t result in sales.

Article Last Updated: October 27, 2015.

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