Ford F-150 again tops best-selling vehicle list

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The 2014 Honda Acord was named the 2014 Green Car of the Year

The Ford F-150 pick-up truck and the Toyota Corolla don’t appear to have much in common. But they do. The Ford-150 had been made for 67 years; the Toyota Corolla is now 43 years old. The two enduring vehicles are perennially on the top-10 selling vehicle list in the United States.

Although 2014 totals won’t be tallied until early January 2015, the Ford 150 will again lead the top-10 vehicle sales for the year. It will mark the 44th consecutive year the F-150 will lead truck sales.

The Toyota Corolla may not lead the pack, but its enduring popularity is remarkable. Several years ago, it became the best-selling vehicle in history.

Here’s a synopsis of the Ford F-150 and Toyota Corolla the best-selling vehicle list for 2013.

Ford F-150

What began in the late 1940s as motorized ranch hand has morphed into arguably the most versatile vehicle on the market.

The Ford F-150 is available in nine trims, three cab sizes, three bed lengths as well as two-wheel and four-wheel drive options. The engines vary greatly, too, from a 302 horsepower V6 to a 411 horsepower V8. No wonder the F-150 remains at the top of the truck sales list. It’s quiet, comfortable, and strong and fits a lot of needs — farmers to campers and those just seeking a versatile cargo hauler. Units sold in 2013: 521,515.

Toyota Corolla

As the best-selling car in history, what does the Toyota Corolla offer that makes it so popular? Manufactured since 1968, the Corolla defines the term reliable transportation.

The current Corolla, the 11th generation, debuted for the 2014 model. It has edgier styling and is slightly larger than its predecessor. The improvements also include more rear-seat room, higher fuel economy, better quality cabin materials and a few new high-tech options like keyless ignition and smartphone app integration.

With four trims, L, LE, LE Eco and S and plenty of standard and optional features, the Corolla remains true to its long-standing reputation. It’s small, inexpensive, fuel-efficient and unwaveringly reliable. Standard is a 1.8-liter four-cylinder engine with 132 to 140 horsepower depending upon the trim. Units sold in 2013: 299,683.

Ford F-150
Honda Accord
Toyota Camry
Chevrolet Silverado
Honda Civic
Nissan Altima
Honda CR-V
Toyota Corolla
Ford Escape
Ford Fusion

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Article Last Updated: September 8, 2021.

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