Look up in the air! It’s a $94,000 Maverick flying car

Michael James

The roadable and flying Maverick vehicle.

The Maverick LSA design, touted with its logo, “Maverick: The Flying Car That Does,” has been developed as an easy-to-operate air and land craft.

According, Beyond LLC, which has granted the manufacturing rights, it’s intuitive, safe to fly, drive and easily maintained.  Beyond Roads LLC will facilitate the development of a commercial market for multi-medium transportation vehicle.

Here are some basics:

Base price $94,000.00.

The roadable and flying Maverick vehicle.
The roadable and flying Maverick vehicle.

FAA Certified S-LSA (Special – Light Sport Aircraft), E-LSA (Experimental – Light Sport Aircraft or E-AB (Experimental Amateur-Built)

190 horsepower, injected, 2.5-liter Subaru engine

Dual Drive – transaxle/propeller.

Public road licensable.

Robust suspension for “off-roading.”

The Maverick Flying car flying.
The Maverick Flying car flying.

Highway Speed range, 0 to 100 mph.

Flies like a car with integrated controls.

Airspeed: 40 mph.

Wing deployment system.


Maverick Ultimate Roadable, All-Terrain, Aerial Vehicle  (URATAV)

Propeller- and wheel-drive has full capability; flight, roadable, and off-road. This is the ultimate Maverick.

Maverick High-Performance Aerial Vehicle  (HPAV)

Propeller-drive only; reduces vehicle weight by approximately 100 pounds for greater useful load in flight.

The HPAV is fully ground-capable, but limited to propeller drive in ground operations and is intended for operations where flight is of greatest utility and ground use is ancillary.

Maverick High-Performance, Roadable, All-Terrain Vehicle  (HPRATV)

Ground-drive only; this vehicle is designed for high-performance on and off-road. This model can be retrofitted for flight capability at a later date.

Maverick – Xtreme Roadable Vehicle (XTRV)

It weights less than 1,000 pounds and has more than more than 300 horsepower. It has perhaps the lowest weight-to-horsepower ratio of any road-legal car available to the public.

For additional information, visit: www.itecusa.org.

Article Last Updated: April 22, 2014.

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