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God is good, but it’s no name for the Elio three-wheeler

Elio Motors has again delayed its debut - now until 2017.

Elio Motors is named after Paul Elio, an engineer who’s now the CEO of the company that makes the three-wheel vehicle. He has extraordinary plans for the high-mileage, low-cost machine as well as expectations for a superior safety rating.

The $6,800 vehicle is scheduled for public availability in 2015. One potential issue (but a good issue to have) is what it will be called.

Perhaps Elio and company insiders already know the name. And maybe some of the 11,700 interested buyers of the “autocycle” who have made deposits ranging from $100 to $1,000 to own the three three-wheel wonder, know the pending name.

The Elio three-wheel vehicle will be introduced in 2015.
The Elio three-wheel vehicle is scheduled to be introduced in 2015.

But certainly the name isn’t public yet. And thus, what about a campaign?

It seems unlikely the vehicle will be called the Elio. There are far worse names — the Subaru Brat, AMC General Hummer (Later the H1 and Hummer) and the Ford Probe come to mind.

And there’s nothing inherently wrong with Elio, except that it’s of Hebrew origin and derived from the nickname Helios. And it means: “My God is Lord” or “God is Good.”

The saying is fine, but it doesn’t seem right for a vehicle name, right?

Skeptics might offer that a Elio Motors  buyer may need God’s guidance to drive the vehicle safely . . . whatever.

Let’s get to the important point:  If the prototype advances into production, what should it be called?

How’s the Elio Tripod sound?

Anyone have any ideas? Ask around. Pass the word. Be active on Social Media. And please forward your ideas for the Elio Name Game to




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