Some weird autos become legends, other cars just fade away

Michael James

Some automakers have long lives. General Motors, Aston Martin and Alfa Romeo all recently became centenarians. And there are plenty of infamous manufacturers. Some, like the Delorean have attained cult status, while others like the Bricklin have largely faded away as complete failures.

The Bricklin was shortlived. One of the early investors in Subaru, Malcolm Bricklin manufactured the Bricklin from 1974-76, and were touted as safety cars were made in the odd colors Safety Orange, Safety Green and Safety White.

The gullwing doors trapped occupants and overall poor constructions prompted low sales. Bricklin’s misfortune had only just begun. He later introduced the equally disdained Yugo to the United States market.

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Article Last Updated: April 4, 2013.

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