Mitt Romney auto industry television campaign ripped by New York Times

James Raia

Andrew Rosenthal, who has covered presidential elections for 25 years and is the current editorial page editor of The New York Times, is not pleased how Gov. Mitt Romney is discussing the auto industry.

Rosenthal writes the blog Taking Note for the newspaper and he’s upset with a new television advertisement he believes is inaccurate. He writes in part:

“It’s odd for Mr. Romney to complain that Mr. Obama ‘took’ the automakers into bankruptcy, since he advocated a managed bankruptcy for those companies four years ago. It’s also odd for Mr. Romney to claim that he’ll fight for every American job, since he got rich, in part, by investing in companies that specialized in relocating jobs done by American workers to low-wage countries.”Mitt Romney auto industry television campaign ripped by New York Times 1

The auto industry is particularly intriguing in the presidential race for two specific reasons.

One of President’s Barack Obama’s campaign platforms is his directives in the revival of the automotive industry. One of Governor Romney’s campaigns message in the automotive industry is his family’s long-time history and knowledge of the automotive industry. Romney’s father, George, was the president of American Motors for eight years.

To read the full text of Rosenthal’s blog, visit: Romney’s New Auto Ad

Article Last Updated: October 29, 2012.

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