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Jerry Seinfeld, Michael Richards reunite for laughs, regrets in Volkswagen bus

Like other celebrities, Jerry Seinfeld is a car enthusiast, most notably via his collection of rare Porsches. But Seinfeld’s passion for cars and his friends has also resulted in the unique web series Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee. In the recent season-finale, Seinfeld drives around Southern California in a 50-year-old Volkswagen Bus with friend and comedian Michael Richards.

The 17-minute below video is funny. But it’s also poignant. Richards, Seinfeld’s neighbor Kramer on the the iconic program Seinfeld, candidly discusses his regrets in a 2006 rant when he used racial epithets during a nightclub performance. It ended Richards’ career.

The season-ender of the 10-episode original series on the Crackle web-only network begins with Seinfeld driving to pick up Richards in a rusted “dove blue” VW bus.

Seinfield and Richards still share incredible comedic timing.

Richards questions Seinfeld’s new-found coffee obsession: “What is that coffee, liquor, money? Is that your life now?”

At a restaurant, Richards quickly begins to get philosophical. He shares an anecdote about playing chess with a homeless savant and then addresses his controversial nightclub incident.

“I should have been working selflessly that evening,” Kramer said. “I blew it in the comedy club. I lashed out in anger.”

Richards said he hasn’t been able to perform since that incident which “still kicks him around a bit” inside.

The ending of the video is a strong moment of friendship.



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