eBay expands auto channel, launches eBay Garage platform

Michael James

eBay Motors has launched eBay Garage, an online community and personalization platform that allow auto enthusiasts to interact in several ways. In addition to showcasing their vehicles, enthusiasts can connect to share information of purchase new parts and accessories.

The new eBay Garage platform significantly builds upon the functionality of My Vehicles, a feature of eBay Motors where enthusiasts have virtually parked more than two million vehicle profiles. Fresh features that car fanatics will notice in the new eBay Garage include:
* eBay Garage Community Page: A single destination for enthusiasts to find a continuous stream of vehicle photos and profiles to explore;eBay expands auto channel, launches eBay Garage platform 1* Favorites: Users can favorite vehicles within the community that inspire them, helping them keep tabs on a project another community member is completing, follow conversations around a specific vehicle, or just to create their own, easy to access collection of vehicles that interest them;

* Tagging: Vehicles within the community can be tagged to create groups, enabling users to browse collections of vehicles that have been tagged, such as #Mustangs or #Muscle Cars.

* Commenting: Enthusiasts can post comments on vehicles they’re interested in, creating a way to connect and share information about vehicles with other enthusiasts in the community.

Additionally, mobile functionality offers eBay Garage users with the ability to view vehicles in their garage, and save new ones.  Auto fans can browse the vehicles on the community page, favorite the vehicles they like, and share the profiles of the vehicles they are interested in with their social channels, right from the palms of their hands. They can also quickly upload info about a vehicle by simply scanning the vehicle’s VIN barcode.

For more information, visit: www.ebay.com/motors/garage

Article Last Updated: July 28, 2023.

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