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    Ron Wagner

    Nice article, but regarding the payback, If you drive a lot of miles you will get a fast payback. Especially if you shop for the best priced CNG. Some places sell it for under a dollar per GGE which is gas gallon equivalent. See the maps listed in the article.

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    Mike Kelley

    The resale value offsets the higher initial cost. It is easy to verify this. Clark Howard actually sold his for more than he paid for it.

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    We have had one at our business for three years. Acceleration is just fine. The first U.S. manufacturer that makes a reasonably priced line of bi-fuel, CNG models with full choice options, will be far ahead of the pack. They will “get it.” The USA has ample NG reservers to meet CNG demand for many, many years to come.

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    Matthew Bringhurst

    Utah can’t keep these cars in stock…Gal a gas equivalent is $1.27….No dealer rebates on this car other than the government tax incentive


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