Auto site for owners and dreamers, Bugatti to Buick

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Amid all of the fine automotive sites, Edmunds to Car and Driver, Kelley Blue Book to Motortrend, one new unheralded site has joined best-of-the-best car sites list.

It's only slightly more than one-year-old, but it's developed a strong following. It doesn't give tips to find the best prices for a new car or tips for negotiating with salesmen or getting the best insurance prices. is the site for anyone who has the same fantasy as car enthusiasts everywhere — finding a classic. Its sub-title is perfect, "Barn Finds, Survivors and Unique Collector Cars For Sale."

1937 Bugatti
1937 Bugatti on

According the site, based in Wyoming:

"Every auto enthusiast knows what a barn find is and we all dream about finding one. Not every car listed on this site is a true barn find by definition. I chose to name the site “Barn Finds” to capture the feeling of excitement we all feel when we stumble upon a bargain or something rare.

 "I want to recreate that feeling for everyone a little bit everyday. Some of the cars we will feature include survivors and oddball cars that not many people know about."

 In addition to the images and details of the cars, another main attraction of the site is its simplicity. It has a straightforward presentation, a few easy-to-negotiate categories and a forum for, guess what? discussions of barn find. The site also sells merchandise featuring the site's cool logo. Visit the site, here.


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