Hyundai confirms first hydrogen car Tucsan ix will debut in late 2012

James Raia

Hyundai has confirmed its previously announced plans to introduce later this year its hydrogen car, the Tucsan ix, as a 2013 model and at a cost of nearly $90,000.

The initial release will be 1,000 cars, with Hyundai predicting it will sell 10,000 units of the new vehicle per year by 2015. Most of the debuting hydrogen Hyundai models will be released in Europe.

Most major manufacturers are planning fuel cell vehicle rollouts in limited production numbers in 2015, including Toyota, Honda, and possibly General Motors.

Although the new vehicle is largely set for distribution in Europe, new Tuscan ix models that make it to the U.S., will likely be distributed in the Los Angeles where other manufacturers' fuel cell cars have been tested.

Article Last Updated: April 11, 2012.

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