Toyota reinvents Camry, babies, DMV and pizza curtains in Super Bowl ad

James Raia

Toyota made one of the best commercials for the 2012 Super Bowl. It's toutig the 2012 Toyota Camry, carmaker decided to do more. In the one-minute commercial, here's what Toyota has done:

This is the re-invented couch. It also comes in male.

This is a re-invented police officer. He's also a masseuse.

This is the re-invented baby. It doesn't poop. It it also a time machine.

The re-invented DMV. It's a little nicer.

The re-invented blender. It plays Lionel Ritchey.

The reinvented plant. It fights crime.

The re-invented curtains. They are made of pizza.

This is re-invente rain. It makes you skinny.

And this is the re-invented Toyota Camry available with everything you could possibly want.



Article Last Updated: February 5, 2012.

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