Academy Awards: Mercedes-Benz joins Hyundai, debuts new hybrid commercial

James Raia

Mercedes-Benz will join Hyundai during the 82nd annual Academy Awards as carmakers debuting commercials for new 2012 models.

In the instance of Mercedes-Benz, the debut will be showcased in a 30-second spot call "Tree of Innovation" and it will be for the S400 HYBRID. The commercial also showcases the company's expanding repertoire of environmentally oriented vehicles.

The ad is the first to feature the new "voice" for Mercedes-Benz advertising, Jon Hamm, the Golden Globe winning star of the TV series Mad Men.

Hyundai is debuting two 30-second spots for the 2012 Azera. Jeff Bridges, the Academy Award winning actor, is the voice of Hyundai.


Article Last Updated: February 26, 2012.

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