White supremacy returns for car buyers, silver now second

James Raia

After a decade of silver leading the pack as the world's most popular car color, white is now No. 1 with 20 percent of all cars painted white, according to PPG Industries in Detroit.

The color trends data company recently announced that white now has one percent lead over silver globally. But while white is also the leading color in North America, geographically color preferences are drastically different. In Europe, black is the favorite color among car buyers.

White supremacy returns for car buyers, silver now second 1

Among North American car buyers, here are the percentages: white (20 percent), silver (19), black (18), gray (15), red (9), blue (9).

And what a difference 17 years make. Green, once the most popular color, is now the least popular.

In Europe, black leads the ratings with 26 percent. White (19), silver (16), gray (15) and blue (9) follow.

In the Asia/Pacific region, silver (25 percent) was the most popular color in 2011, followed by white, black, gray and red.

Article Last Updated: October 13, 2011.

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