Honda Civic Natural Gas 2012: more states for October debut

James Raia

Honda has announced the 2012 Honda Civic Natural Gas will have an MSRP starting prices of $26,155 with the manufacturer hoping to expand the only natural gas car made in the United States to 200 dealers across the country.

Formerly called the Civic GX, the Natural Gas will go on sale October 18th at dealerships in 38 states.

The car, set to be built in Indiana, was previously only available in California, New York, Utah, and Oklahoma.

Honda claims the Civic Natural Gas emits almost zero smog-forming particles and is the cleanest internal-combustion vehicle certified by the EPA. It will receive a decal that qualifies for single-occupant access to HOV carpool lanes in several states across the country including California.Honda Civic Natural Gas 2012: more states for October debut 1

Natural gas is also about 30 percent less expensive than gasoline, so the fuel economy rating of 27 mpg city and 31 mpg highway will net owners a significant decrease in fuel consumption costs over a standard Civic. Honda claims that the new Civic Natural Gas improves upon the old Civic GX's fuel economy by 10.7 percent overall.

The 2012 Civic Natural Gas will be powered by a 1.8-liter, four-cylinder A 3,600-psi aluminum fuel tank sits between the rear wheels and carries the equivalent of 7.8 gallons of gasoline.

Honda will build the 2012 Civic Natural Gas in Indiana, giving it the claim of being the only OEM-built natural-gas-powered vehicle to originate from the United States.

Article Last Updated: October 2, 2011.

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