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Volkswagen Beetle, 2012: High fives and hand claps

Volkswagen isn't the first manufacturer to make clever television commercials. But the new spot for the 2012 Beetle is among the best. It's simultaneously hip and ideally deals a recent prevailing trend that Beetle are only purchased by women.

The video features a male driver driving in various situations around town. No matter where he drives, people want to "high five" or do "knuckles."

The commercial is shot to the ""The Clapping Song." It was originally recorded by Shirley Ellis in 1965, shortly after she hit it big with a similar song, "The Name Game".

The Clapping Song song made it to the top ten on the charts.

Here a synopsis of the lyrics:

"Three, six, nine
The goose drank wine
The monkey chewed tobacco on the streetcar line
The line broke, the monkey got choked
And they all went to heaven in a little row boat"






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