Yugo endures as endearing, worst car ever made

James Raia

The legend of the Yugo, the Yugoslavian-built mini sedan often cited as the worst car in history, lives on.

Jonathan Welsh, writing in revolving automotive blog Driver’s Seat in The Wall Street Journal, contributed a recent piece about the Yugo. The author noticed 1987 Yugo on the street and it triggered thoughts of a college friend who owned one of the early versions of the cheap car.

Welsh’s bog is critical of the car, yes. But it’s also endearing, an homage to the dubious history of the now infamous car.

In one paragraph, Welsh writes: “Its tan interior was sleek and uncluttered, a bit like a minimalist art exhibit. The car gained minor fame for its amazingly low sticker price of $3,995 and it seemed as well-finished as cars costing twice as much.”

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Article Last Updated: August 8, 2011.

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