It's a small, cool world: Tata to Toyota, Rolls-Royce to Ford

James Raia

Rolls-Royce gets it. Tata Motors and Ford get it. And so does Toyota and Volkswagen. Small cars are cool cars.

That was one of the themes at the recent New York International Auto Show and the Geneva Motor Show. And the trend certainly didn’t go unnoticed by John Filiss of SeriousWheels.com.

Filiss, in conjunction with CNBC.com has compiled a list of 10 cool small cars, some available now, some still in concept stages.It's a small, cool world: Tata to Toyota, Rolls-Royce to Ford 1

Tata Motors, most well-known for its uber-cheap Nano, will in two years introduce the Tata Pixel, which looks surprisingly looks like a rabbit, not a Volkswagen by the same name, but the real creature.

Here’s what Filiss said about the Tata Pixel:

“This car concept capable of seating four adults from Indian manufacturer Tata might look like a futuristic golf cart, and for now it is still a figment of the future—the expected release year for Europe is 2013.

“At its Geneva Motor Show debut, it drew praise for its city-friendly features like outstanding maneuverability and the ‘scissor’ gull-wing doors designed to rotate upwards for getting in and out after parking in the smallest of spots.”

And here’s the list iliss has compiled of 10 cool small cars:

Alfa Romeo MiTo, Aston Martin Cygnet, Commuter Cars Tango 600, Ford Ka, Myers Motors Duo, Rolls-Royce MINI, Smart ForSpeed Concept, Tata Pixel, Toyota iQ, Volkswagen XL1.

To read the full story, visit: Small Cool Cars

Article Last Updated: May 2, 2011.

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