Kia gets car commercial honors with driving, rap hamsters

James Raia

Kia Motors’ driving hamsters commercial, the advertising campaign for the Soul sport utility vehicle, has earned the Automotive Ad of the Year by the Nielsen Company and awarded at the New York International Auto Show.

The spot titled “This or That,” the second chapter of the Kia Soul hamster story depicts the hamsters driving through city streets to the tune of the hip-hop song “The Choice is Yours” by Black Sheep.

The commercial compares “This,” the funky and uniquely styled Soul, to “That,” a number of boring and mundane appliances on wheels, cardboard boxes or hamster wheels.

Together, the popular “This or That” spot and the original “A New Way To Roll” campaign have contributed to significant increases in consumer awareness, perception and consideration of the Kia brand.

In March 2011, the Soul became the second Kia vehicle to sell more than 10,000 units in a single month, and year-to-date sales are up 50.8 percent.

The “This or That” campaign, The spot debuted on cable at the end of May 2010 as an extension of the first Soul spot to feature the hamsters in “A New Way to Roll.”

It depicted boring city and suburban streets inhabited exclusively by hamsters running in place in their exercise wheels until a molten red Kia Soul pulls up to a stoplight and the passenger window rolls down to reveal a trio of paw-tapping, music-loving hamsters who have in fact found “A New Way to Roll.”


Article Last Updated: April 21, 2011.

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